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Metallica unveil “The Black Box” collection of rare memorabilia and virtual events

Metallica have unveiled The Black Box, a collection of physical keepsakes and virtual items pulled from the band members’ personal archives. The Black Box will include both physical and digital media, from weekly livestream events to limited-edition signed memorabilia. Fans can also purchase vintage photographs, commemorative album plaques and tour poster reproductions.

Metallica  said in a statement: “When you’ve been around for 40 years, you manage to collect a few things!  Along the way, the four of us have hung on to many keepsakes, photographs, articles of clothing, sketches and so much more, stashing these items away in attics, garages and storage spaces. But no more, as we’re excited to launch the Metallica Black Box!  In the weeks, months and years ahead, the Black Box will venture progressively deeper into the vaults, the sounds, the visuals, the instruments, the culture and beyond.”

Starting Nov. 20, Metallica will stream one show a week for 10 weeks from their Black Album tour, which ran from 1991-93.  You can see more details at the Black Box website —

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