Review Of The Sky’s “Majestic”



Before the band Journey was introduced to Steve Perry, frontman, Robert Fleischman was hired on to take the original lead vocalist role.  Going on tour with the band and writing hits like, “Wheel In The Sky,” "Winds Of March," and "Anytime," differences in the band started to arise and within a year he moved on.  His music career continued on throughout the years joining other bands as well as working as a solo artist.  


In 2010, the rock vocalist and songwriter created a band known as, The Sky.  A self-titled album was released and three years later “Majestic” was made.  This album is far from what Robert Fleischman used to do with ex-Kiss guitarist, Vinnie Vincent. When listening to this album you hear influences of John Lennon in a romantic and mellow setting.  Robert Fleischman sings in a very high pitched tone throughout the whole thing and his vocal abilities are just unbelievable.


The band is made up of Ryan Lake, Andre LaBelle, Steve Barber and Brady Cole who showcase their talents with powerful guitars and solid drums.  What I like about Robert Fleischman is that he wants each album to sound different.  Majestic took a turn for more dreamy and psychedelic melodies.  The Sky really embellishes their passion for music by the lyrics and music they create. Like Robert Fleischman said himself, “I didn’t care if it rocked, as long as it was a great song, and I think we have that with Majestic. Play it loud!” 


These musicians perform lyrically driven ballads that satisfies the listeners ear.  Fans of The Sky will enjoy songs like "Breath Away," "Pill," and "So I'll Wait."  I would highly recommend giving this album a listen.  It’s different and that’s what I like.  Getting taken out of the box of music that I’m used to listening to and transcending it into something that shares new lyrically driven songs that shows the quality of the album.  If we’re lucky, The Sky will be touring sometime this year and hopefully be making their way here to Florida!