Mike Weaver


2016 mike weaver

I was born in New York and spent most of my childhood in Ohio, so coming to Florida was a no brainer for me, I don’t miss the snow at all. I started working in radio at the age of 19 and have loved the business since the first day I started. Music is a passion of mine and radio allows me to work somewhere I love every day. My girlfriend and I have a son and 3 dogs, so our house is basically the domestic animal version of Dr. Doolittle. The only difference is I have no idea what anyone is saying. Keep up with me on Social Media to see what I’m up to!

  • Barbara Marshall

    Welcome to Florida! What made you leave Buffalo?
    We are also from Buffalo. We used to listen to you on 97 Rock. You lived on the West Side and we lived on the South Side.

    • John Piccillo Jp

      Barbara , it’s JP. You’re from Buffalo? I lived in the West Side

    • John Piccillo Jp

      Barbara, It’s JP . How are you?;) I lived on the West Side in Buffalo 🙂

  • Kimberly Brooklyn Dockside Del

    Congratulations Mike!!!