Yard Sale For The Troops

Yard Sale For The Troops has recently gained nonprofit 501(c)(3) status!!

Is located at Howard’s Flea Market Main Aisle #178

Saturday and Sunday – 8 am until 2 pm

Rain or shine!

YARD SALE FOR THE TROOPS sells gently used donations and with the proceeds, makes CARE PACKAGES for our Troops overseas. As the items are donated, we never know from week to week what we will receive…but we can assure you it is all quality items with a low price. Our prices are low because we would rather sell it to you than have it sit on our tables. OUR GOAL IS TO SEND PACKAGES!! The Troops are here to ask for your Support. Did you know that we currently have troops away from home in over 130 Countries!  There will always be a need for care packages.  So because of that, I believe there should be a Yard Sale For The Troops Thrift Store in every County, of every State

Our mission is simple: Get care packages into the hands of Soldiers overseas that are in need of some comforts of home. To the Troops that need to be reminded that America has not forgotten them and appreciates every sacrifice they are making.  The way we plan to get there is to become the organization everyone wants to associate with.  To be the place everyone takes their donated items.  And to be the place everyone goes to buy great items at a great price and feel great about their purchase

Following are some of the items requested by our Troops: Instant Oatmeal      Breakfast Bars     Drink Mix      Hard Candy       Instant Coffee      Tea Bags    Gum    Slim Jims     Beef Jerky    Canned Foods (No Pork)    Peanut Butter   Crackers and Cheese/Peanut Butter    Cocoa/Hot Chocolate Mix     Healthy Snacks      Cough Drops   Eye Drops   Chap Stick   Tooth Paste    Tooth Brushes   Mouth Wash   Dental Floss   Razors (Men’s and Woman’s)   Shave Cream      Pain Reliever   Bar Soap   Shampoo    Conditioner   Deodorant    Wet Wipes   Woman’s Hygiene Products      Foot Powder     Cotton Swabs     Body Wash    Hair Scrunches (Dark)   Dark Hair Clips      Hair Products for Black Soldiers      Writing Paper/Envelopes       Pens/Pencils      Cards to Send to Family      Batteries (AA & AAA)      Flashlights        Battery Operated Alarm Clocks       Flea Collars    Calendars       CD’s DVD’s       Playing Cards      Games       Puzzle Books  Fleece Caps   Often a Troop will ask for something specific like laundry pods, but generally its the items above. Ask to see our list of items requested by the soldiers receiving the next boxes. We hope this gives you an idea of the things we need donated by our generous local businesses and neighbors.   Thanks,  Dorene, Jeff & Janet

For questions Please email dorenebettis@aol.com 

For more information check out their website: http://yardsaleforthetroops.org/wp/